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HOW TO PLAY! Sep 29, 2014

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Touch 3Claws is the best 3D Dancing Game! Find your couple here & dance with your friends on the dance floor! Listen to your favorite Korean Song & others, such as, Girls Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, EXO, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and many more!! So, what are you waiting for? Come & Join us now in Touch 3Claws!

Hi T-Dancer! In order to PLAY Touch 3Claws, you have to make an ID/Account.
You can read the step by step below : REGISTER your ID HERE  to be a Superstar!

NOTE: Please fill your right e-mail for registration. We are not responsible for any issue in the future if you don’t fill your e-mail right.   e

There are two choices of loggin in, via browser or using  Touch 3Claws Mini Client.
For MAC USERS, unfortunately you can’t use the mini client so all you have is to login via Safari.


  1. You are going to need “Unity 3D Engine” in order to run Touch. Please click HERE to download.
  2. After done installing, open Touch in your browser and there will be a request for  Unity 3D. Click ‘Allow’ in order to let the Touch runs.Regis3
  3. Click ‘Allow and Remember’ so you don’t have to click it every time you open Touch .Regis 4


You can ‘DOWNLOAD’ mini-client from the Website after registration or you can click HERE.
*You can claim some reward in the game if you use Micro Client to play!!


All you have to do is entering USERNAME and PASSWORD via BROWSER or via CLIENT, and then choose the server you want to join. If your friend happened to play in another server, worry not because you can meet them in Cross-Server!





After successfully logged in, next step is to choose the GENDER, STYLE, and pick an IN GAME NAME / NICKNAME.



After the character is made, you’ll begin the Beginner Tutorial. Inside tutorial, NPC will teach you to get used to basic moves. Once you’ve done with the basic moves, NPC will challenge you to play a song using the moves you’ve already learnt. After that you can freely as you like.

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Once the tutorial is done, you can play inside TOUCH. Push the GAME LOBBY button and choose BEGINNER LOBBY. Choose one room with waiting status and once you are in the room, click READY and wait for the host to start the game. You can also be the room’s host by clicking the CREATE ROOM button inside BEGINNER LOBBY. After you made a room, you can choose any song (default: random) and difficulty, and then hit the START button to start the game. Lobby

Touch Online International is available for you to play now! Are you ready to play?? But, before you play, you must install the Unity 3D. Unity 3D is a key for you when playing Touch, without Unity 3D, you can not play it on your favorite browser.

All browser is available to play TOUCH EXCEPT GOOGLE CHROME

RECOMMENDED BROWSER : Mozila Firefox (Ver.50 & Bellow) & Internet Explorer

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Step 1:  If you do not have Unity 3D, there’s a pop up page like this

unnamed Step 2: All you can do is download it immediatelyyou can choose one of the boxes in the imageInstall for Windows or Mac if you’re using a MacBookSystem will automatically download the Unity 3D for you.

Step 3: Open the file after you finish download it, then click RUN.

unnamed (2)

Step 4: Wait until installation progress finish.

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Step 5: When you’re done, the game will automatically reload and you are free to play! Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170125113146

At the first game loading, on your address bar’s browser, there is a small icon on the left side. That means Mozilla need your permission to let the plugin automatically run on your browser. Click “Continue Allowing”, so you don’t have to allow again next time. unnamed (6) Or you can active the plugin manually. How? Go to setting, then adds on, find “unity player” then always to active

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Hi T-Dancer! Do you hate lag or delay or hate the problem about unity? Do not worry! We have a solution for you here! But it’s just for a window user (Sorry MAC user). Now, you can reduce lag, play smoothly, have a better experience and best graphic by download our client. So, download now! It’s only 40MB :D

touch online

Find your true love here, dance, and Keep in Touch!!

Touch Online International - Be a Superstar!


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