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Hey, T-Dancer!! Touch 3Claws is the best 3D Dancing Game! Find your couple here & dance with your friends on the dance floor! Listen to your favorite Korean Song & others, such as Girls Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, EXO, and much more!! So, what are you waiting for? Come & Join us now in Touch 3Claws! o(≧∇≦o)



VPN or Virtual Private Networks is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. A VPN can connect multiple sites over a large distance just like a Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs are often used to extend intranets worldwide to disseminate information and news to a wide user base.

Using a personal VPN now becoming a popular these days. By using VPN it will allow you to attain an IP Address from any gateway city the VPN Service Provides. For Instance, you may live in Singapore but with a VPN you can appear to live in Amsterdam, New York or any number of gateway cities.

Not just that, VPN can also be used to Access Geo-Blocked Websites. For example, you’ll be able to access these region-restricted services if you use and connect to a VPN located in the USA or some other countries.

On this case,  If you couldn’t access our website or get stuck at 54%. Trying to use VPN first. We got positive feedback from our players who are using VPN. They can access our Website and login smoothly inside the game.

There are many choices when it comes to VPN providers. There are some VPN providers who offer free service and there are some which charge for VPN service.

Note: If you already used VPN, but still cannot access our website and got stuck at 54%, please read this guide:



Touch only can be play from Internet Explorer and Mozila FireFox version 45 and below. Because Google Chrome and the newest version of Mozila FireFox, doesnt support 3D UNITY anymore. You can download Mozila Firefox version 45 HERE

For MAC user, you can’t play from client and have to play through safari or mozila firefox (Recommended Browser).

If you still haven’t install UNITY 3D in your computer. Please READ THE GUIDE HERE



After update, some of you having a trouble to login and usually stuck at 54%. Usually we will asked you to follow this “Forever Loading – Guide”. But when you follow that guide and it didnt works. We will check manually with our Technical Team. It will takes 3-4 Days to check it. This things happened because of the connection problem between your Internet Provider to our Server. We are sorry to all of you who experienced this unpleasant problem. But we will try our best to fixed it.

Now, For your information our first diagnose is there is connection trouble, for now please follow our instruction to give us more information about your problem

1. Please Restart Your PC first 2. Turn off all firewall and antivirus for a moment 3. Please tracert to and please wait until the tracert finish and take the screenshot for the tracert result 4. Please ping to and please wait for a moment and also take the screenshot 5. Please give us your IP and your location, you can check your IP here

Tracert in Windows

  1.  Click Windows Button
  2.  Type “CMD” and click enter
  3.  After that type “Tracert″ You may have to wait up to a minute or more for the test to complete. It will generate a list of the connections along the way and some information about the speed of the steps along the way.tr0
  4. After you see “Tracert Complete”, Please Take a Screenshot of it and Send it to Touch International Facebook Messenger or Submit Ticket to GM(s)


Tracert in Mac

  1. Double-click the Hard Drive icon and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  2. Click “Network Utility”
  3. Click the Traceroute tab and type “″
  4. After that click Trace and Wait until its complete
  5. After  the Tracert is  Complete, Please Take a Screenshot of it and Send it to Touch International Facebook Messenger or Submit Ticket to GM(s)

For you guys who experienced stuck 49%, 99% or 100%, we will help you how to solve it. It depends on where do you play it. Are you guys playing on our client or website? Now, let’s check it out how to solve it!


If you are playing on client, our system takes data from INTERNET EXPLORER, so all you need to do is clear your internet browser’s cache. How?

1. OPEN Internet Explorer. 2. Depend on your internet browser – IE 8: From the Tools menu choose Internet Options. - IE 9 & Above: In the upper right corner, click the small gear icon (to the right of the star icon) and choose Internet Options 3. On the General Tab, under Browsing history, click DELETE 4. UN-CHECKED the Preserve Favorites website data box. 5. Check the Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History boxes. 6. The Form data, Passwords, and inPrivate Filtering data boxes may be left un-checked. You can check them to delete this data if you so choose. 7. Click DELETE 8. When finished, click OK to return to your Internet Explorer window. 9. Close the Internet Explorer window and reopen.


Here is the step for you guys who are playing on website Touch 3Claws. It depends on what browser you use.


  1. Click the Three Lines icon in the top right of your browser. touch online international
  2. Select History, then select Clear Recent History.
  3. Select the time range to clear (drop-down menu).   – Select the beginning of time to clear all cache.
  4. Click Details to choose what history elements to clear.
  5. Make sure Cache and Offline Website Data is checked and any other elements you want to clear.
  6. Click the Clear Now button.


What is IDM? IDM is Internet Download Manager and we found out that it makes your games stuck sometimes. You need to disable your IDM :) How? Check this out In IDM, Click on Downloads > Options > General, and uncheck all the browser. touch online international

then you are able to play Touch smoothly ~~!


1. Facebook Login loading took too long

a. Open Internet Explorer b. Login to your Facebook account c. Minimize your browser d. Run your Mini Client

2. Failed to Login using Facebook

a. Login to your Facebook account. b. Click Settingsy1

c. Click Apps 


d. Click Edit Button and then Enable


3. Logged in to game but character is missing/make new character

There would be 2 cause of this issue :

1. Wrong Facebook account

a. Open Internet Explorer b. Login to your Facebook account c. Minimize your browser d. Run your Mini Client

2. Wrong Server

Please check again your server one by one.

Problem : Your character went pink all over Solution : Please check your minimum requirement, especially for VGA



Email Not Shown in Public - Guide

SOLUTIONS FOR SHOWING EMAIL ON PUBLIC PROFILE (FACEBOOK) Error: Your email address not shown to public in Profile.  In order to login, you have to show email address to public.”

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170609170739

FOUR Things to check on Facebook: 1) Email/Account are verified (A notice will mention if it’s not verified)


2) Birth Year is set to PUBLIC
3) Account is set to 18 years old and above


4) Able to post for Public Audience (As seen below)


Hi, T-Dancer, Do you encounter the black screen when you login using client? Now, we have the solution! It’s easy and just follow the step by step! Good Luck!



STEP 2 Wait until the cache list loading pop up

touch online event

STEP 3 SELECT “perfect world_Touch” & DELETE it.

touch online event

STEP 4 Click DELETE “perfect world_Touch”

touch online evnet

STEP 5 Make sure that there’s no more Touch cache on the list

touch online event

STEP 6 DONE! Try to open the client & no more black screen! Have Fun & Keep in Touch!

touch online event

Find your true love here, dance, and Keep in Touch!!

Touch Online International - Be a Superstar!


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