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[MINI GATHERING] Supreme Dancers Aug 02, 2017

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Hello T-Dancer! This time, I’m Chioky (Touch 3Claws Community Manager) & Fuwa Fuwa Paw (Germany Moderator) will interview Supreme Dancers, about Mini Gathering that they did a few days ago! Let’s read the article!

Where Are You Guys Come From? 
Hello, I’m Araceli – Head of Supreme Dancers and We are from Phillippines!


How did you guys come up with this idea, to meet up in real life?
We, the Supreme Dancers, have this principle that our guild is not just a guild itself, it’s a family that had been united as one. That’s why we decided to meet personally. Our friendship doesn’t exist only in the game, we are friends in any aspect. Seeing them for the first time was like meeting your relative after a long time. That excitement kept us happy all along.

Where did you meet up?
First, we gathered at Cubao before going to Montalban, Rizal. All of us went to my couple’s place where we planned to meet and play Touch with each other.


What did you do when you meet up with other members?
In Cubao, we  played Just Dance (a rhythm game series). Afterwards, we drove to Montalban to celebrate with my couple’s 20th birthday. We also gave her some gifts. The last thing we did is we played Touch together in a computer rental shop. There, we enjoyed a lot and took some pictures for a remembrance.


That’s it Everyone! Meet up with your friends from all over the world! Share your story and picture with us and we will feature you on our website and social media! Happy Dancing and Keep in Touch!

Pictures Credit To Supreme Dancers

Find your true love here, dance, and Keep in Touch!!

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