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Zodiac System Touch Online

When dancing a song, you may receive Blue or Golden Stars. You can use the stars to get interesting Items from Zodiac System. Blue Star can be used on the Zodiac Guide, and Gold Star you can use for Zodiac Astrolabe.

Choose zodiac menu on Interface.

Zodiac System Touch Online

Each Zodiac Guide prize requires a different amount of Blue Star to exchange. You have to exchange the current star to open the next star.

Zodiac System Touch Online


And for Zodiac Astrolabe, you need only 1 Gold Star per spin. You can use 20 Gold Stars at once to increase your chance to get better rewards.

Zodiac System Touch

You will get a pet on the last star based on the Zodiac Guide that you unlock.
This is Aries for example : Zodiac System TouchZodiac System Touch
They are so cute that you will not want to miss it <3