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Touch Online Indonesia

There is a lot Dance Mode you can choose in Touch. You can playing single or multiplayer with your community friends. You can also dance with your couple in game. Want to know what is it??

  • You can change your Dance mode on interface that are in the top right corner


This is a Standard mode, In this Mode you can play single or more than one person (Multiplayer). The level of accuracy and precise timings are very powerful so that you can get a high scoreHere you just use the arrows or NumPad on your keyboard. You can allso use WASD key If you are accustomed. Touch Mode divided into several sections ::

  • Touch Couple : Dance with your couple can be more exciting with Couple Mode. Don’t forget to change your Dance Mode become Touch Couple.



  • Touch Showdown : Touch Mode with elimination system. Don’t forget to change your Dance Mode.


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  • Touch Team : Touch Mode with accumulation Score Team, do not forget to make sure the participants in accordance with the amount specified. Then Change Your Dance Mode.



Bubble Mode, Bored with Touch Mode, you can play with the bubble mode. The level of difficulty of course is different from the Touch Mode. Collect Score and Combo are many and be a winner. Here not only the arrows you use, you will also use the Space key to play. Bubble Mode is divided into several modes :

  • Bubble Sport : With Crazy Time Mode, and more difficult movement. You can improve your score significantly.



  • Bubble Couple : Same with Touch Couple Mode, but certainly in Bubble Couple movement will be more difficult and challenging.


  • Bubble Showdown : Mode Bubble with elimination system


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  • Bubble Team : Mode Touch with accumulation Score Team