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Touch Online Baby System

Touch International Online have an interesting feature, in Touch International Online you can have a cute little baby and can you invite to dance if he/she had grown up. You just have to make a wish to little fairy and the fairy will granted your wish. To have a baby you don’t need to do Wedding first. You can make a wish even if you are single in the game.

Before you have your baby must make a wish to the little fairy, you also have to care for your baby until he grew up.

Click “Profile”

Click Tab Baby Info


Click Start a wish to make a wish. 3

Take care and feed your baby every day to make him/her grown up fast.


There are 3 phase in the future growth of your little baby :: Beginning, Babyhood and Childhood.


If your baby growth reach maximum, you can take her out into babyhood Stage. You can interact with your cute baby now, There are many interactions option you can choose from the list.


Keep taking care of him/her, so he/she can grown up fast.


You need 800 Point so that your baby can grow up and enter the next stage. After your baby enter Childhood stage, you can have more interactions option. and for more fun again, you can dance with your little baby.


So how is it?, want to have a cute baby like this? Go invite your friends to feel the thrill Touch International Online!