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Touch 3Claws is the best 3D Dancing Game! Find your couple here & dance with your friends on the dance floor! Listen to your favorite Korean Song & others, such as Girls Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, EXO, and much more!! So, what are you waiting for? Come & Join us now in Touch 3Claws!




Answer this following questions & send your resume to with “Touch TOUCH ARTIST RECRUITMENT - YOUR NAME as the subject!

Facebook name :
In Game Name :
Server :
Country you live in :
Time zone :
E-mail address :

  1. How long have you been an artist?
  2. Why do you like to draw?
  3. Name one of your strengths as an artist and one thing you think you can improve on.
  4. If there’s anyone in the Artist team was working in a way that you disagreed with, or if you had concerns with the group as a whole, how would you handle the situation?
  5. How comfortable are you working closely with the other artists, collaborating on ideas and projects, meeting deadlines, and taking constructive criticism?
  6. Why do you want to be a Touch Official Artist, and if you are chosen, what would you contribute to the team?
  7. What other obligations do you have in real life? Such as school, work, children, etc. Please be as specific as you can.
  8. Give us your Portofolio Link (You can upload your portofolio on devianart or facebook, etc)
    Artwork must be your own, no copying/tracing (YOUR PORTOFOLIO, MUST BE DIGITAL ARTWORK)

 Must contribute minimum 2-3 artworks a month
 Creative and innovative mind with each artwork that is contributed
 Positive and professional attitude
 Ability to handle constructive criticism and feedback
 Be Active , friendly, Responsible
 Able to work in team and collaborate easily with other
 Artwork must be your own, no copying/tracing

1. Draw a Fan Art, Wallpaper, Comic Strip, Doodle and any artwork that related to Touch 3Claws.
2. GM, Touch 3Claws Artist will discuss the theme for every month that you need to draw.
3. Create Visual Advertisement and Promotional Artwork that will used on the Touch 3Claws official website & social media
4. Come up with relatable content based on current trends in the game for the Facebook Fan Page that community members can interact with
5. Communicate through Facebook Messenger with the Official Artist Team and GM(s)

**NOTE : If it is consider, the chosen artist that has failed his or her task in carrying out the responsibilities, we have the obligation and rights to dismiss, ban, and/or replace him or her.

Find your true love here, dance, and Keep in Touch!!

Touch Online International - Be a Superstar!


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